MeditationMassage & Wellness Treatments 


I have a beautiful treatment room in central Glastonbury, Somerset.  

Using aromatherapy essential oils and exceptional botanical & cosmeceutical skincare, I offer the following;


MeditationMassage - 1 hour 15 mins - £70 

A blissful body & soul experience to cultivate deep peace.  Restorative and revitalising


MeditationMassage Facial - 1 hour - £60

A sublime facial experience to rejuvenate the complexion and nurture inner radiance

Aromatherapy Body Massage - 1 hour  15 mins - £65                                    

A deeply relaxing holistic body experience using aromatic botanicals and therapeutic touch. 

Botanical Facial - 1 hour - £55

Bespoke deep cleanse facial with massage to uplift contours, as well as gua cha, LED mask or nuface.