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This comprehensive & concise 3 hour training introduces you to an exciting evolution in wellness.

In this course I will guide you how to give a transformative wellbeing experience to your friends, family and clients and you will also recieve the revitalising benefits for yourself. 


Suitable for all masseurs and those interested in meditative practices and wellbeing,

Presented in an enjoyable video format, so you can take the course at your own pace.


On completion qualified masseurs are invited to progress to the Professional Qualification Training. 

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Learn how to:

​Enter a meditative flow state to become fully present, holding a space of nurturing connection for your clients

Perform massage techniques designed to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and improve circulation

Guide a series of meditations, such as sensory awareness, conscious breathing and creative visualisation, while performing a simultaneous restorative massage sequence

Give massage to harmonise the body’s physical and emotional wellbeing

Nurture yourself with self-massage meditation which supports your learning and nourishes your mind & body

Use Deep Awake aromatherapy oil 

You will receive:

Support with answers to questions that may arise during your learning
A complimentary zoom session on completion of the Online Training
An invite to progress to the Professional Qualification in Meditation Massage 


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