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Train in a small group of 2 - 4  massage therapists in Glastonbury, Somerset and qualify as a Professional MeditationMassage Therapist.


EMAIL ME TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST and I will come back with availability dates.


This course is a total 20 hrs over 3 days 


You will recieve 

 full training manual PDF

1 bottle of deep awake botanical oil 

Intro training course for reference 

Refreshments and linnens.


This online training is for qualified masseurs who want to elevate their massage skills and offer a deeper treatment expeirence to their clients. 


The training course is a total of 2O hours  includes; massage practise, meditative experience,  Q & A,  assessment feedback and case studies.


5 x live online teaching sessions, arranged to work for you.

6 x hours of pracitcal meditative, massage homework, which you film with your phone and submitt

9 x hours of case studies. 


You will learn how to:

Enter a meditative flow with embodiment meditations, deep connecting exercises and self-massage meditations  

Expand our empathy and treatment focus without depleting your energy levels      

Learn the meditative and massage sequence and how to combine both seamlessly

Complete a full Meditation Massage treatment to a high standard

Connect and communicate with your client from the consultation to departure

Complete a facial acupressure massage meditation for yourself and your clients.


On purchase you recieve;

A full PDF treatment manaul

Introductory online training course for reference

Contact to organise your live online training sessions


As training continues you recieve;

Personalised feedback on each of your homework practice sessions, 

Assesment of your full MeditationMassage treatment and case studies

On successful completion you will be awarded a certificate in MeditationMassage which qualifies you for professional insurance.  

MeditationMassage is a CPD accredited provider.


email for further information 

In-person Professional Therapist Certification

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