Qualify as a Professional Meditation Massage Therapist

Learn either in-person or online to deepen your practice & understanding, so that you can give this           therapeutic treatment with skill and confidence, while also receiving the additional benefits                                         of deeply nourishing your own wellbeing.

IN-PERSON; 23 hrs over 3 full days in Glastonbury, Somerset. UK plus 12 hrs of self-study.

ONLINE; 9 hrs live zoom sessions over 6 weeks plus 20 hrs of self-study.

Both online and in-person trainings include a mixture of practical massage, meditative experience, theory,   assessment, feedback and Q & A.  In-person trainees get to experience the wonderful treatment from fellow trainees, while online trainees benefit from convenience and staged learning over a longer period.

Online trainees are guided on how to submit their practice and assessment sessions.

You will learn how to:

  • Enter a meditative flow with embodiment meditations, deep connecting exercises and self-massage meditations  

  • Expand our empathy and treatment focus without depleting your energy levels      


  • Deepen the 3 mediative and massage sections of the treatment sequence


  • Complete a full Meditation Massage treatment to a high standard


  • Connect and communicate with your client from the consultation to departure


  • Complete a facial acupressure massage meditation for yourself and your clients

You will receive:

  • A full treatment manual PDF


  • Feedback on your practise sessions


  • Assessment of your full Meditation Massage Treatment


  • A bottle of deep awake oil, postage restrictions allowing


  • Wholesale prices for Deep Awake Oil purchase


  • Support with Meditation Massage branding

  • On successful completion of this training you will receive certification in Meditation Massage which qualifies you for professional insurance.

Self-study required:

  • Complete 12 case studies


  • Practice the therapist preparation ritual, the chakra self massage and the deep awake bath meditation.      

​Meditation Massage Training has CPD provider accreditation. 

Requirements for Professional Training:



  • You are a Qualified Masseur, ITEC or International Diploma or equivalent

Introductory Launch Offer

  • Online training - £550. Commencing June

  • In-person training - £750. September 16 - 18 


(To take part in the professional training you will need to have completed the foundational MeditaitonMassage On-line Training)


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