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Training Testimonials

Online Course

The Intro to Meditation Massage Course was one of the most insightful and nourishing experiences for me, it has helped me feel confident and excited in guiding a Meditation Massage session.  I really love the online format with the videos as I feel it makes it accessible for anybody, and the style of the videos feels very light and positive. Even though there is lots of information on the different aspects of the treatment.

The Self Meditation Massage has helped me to feel more at peace with body and inner world - as I really feel that watching the video and giving myself massage has enhanced my connection to myself much more.

I absolutely love how Debbie has included so much detail and information, and I found her to be so nurturing, patient and thorough in her teaching this incredible treatment.

-  Daisy

Clear Delivery

“! I totally loved the way you did everything; the way you set the tone, the pace, the structure of the course, your clear delivery, how you heard our questions and concerns and celebrated our creativity, your shining exttample of genuine love and humility, how you kept us all on track in such kindness, the way you balanced encouraging us to make it our own with not letting us miss the very special and particular thing that you have developed.”


- Terry

Deep & Profound

“I have just attended a Professional MeditationMassage weekend training.  What a deep and profound experience it was.  It was taught with such warmth and joy I highly recommend this to anyone whose interest is captured by the title and wants to know more.”


- Katie


Treatment Testimonials

A Warmer More Integrated Space

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful MediationMassage yesterday. I moved to a warmer more integrated space. I let go of all the criss- cross voices pulling in all directions... 


- Clare

Delicious & Beautiful

“Through the entire session I was gentle guided into deep relaxation of body and physic.  As the treatment ended I felt held in the present moment and awake and ready for the rest of my day.  A delicious and beautiful treatment.”


- Tamara



Share this deeper treatment experience with friends family and clients and also receive the wellbeing benefits for yourself.

Introductory Online Course
Professional Therapist Qualification


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