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A comprehensive & concise 3 hour video course, suitable for everyone interested in wellness, meditation and massage. 


The content is presented in an easy-to-follow video format, allowing you to learn and practice at your convenience. You will receive support with answers to questions that may arise during your learning.


Qualified masseurs are encouraged to take the Professional Therapist Certification Training. 

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You will learn how to ...

  • share a nurturing MeditationMassage with friends, family and loved ones,  combining Meditation and Massage together in one simultaneous flow sequence

  • give yourself a self-massage sequence to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and re-energise

  • enter a meditative state and guide a series of meditations, such as sensory awareness, conscious breathing and creative visualisation

  • use Deep Awake Botanical Oil, which is formulated to relax, revitalise and uplift body and mind

VIDEO 1A.png

1. Introduction

This blissful body & soul treatment is designed to cultivate inner peace and physical relaxation to restore and

revitalise your whole-being.

VIDEO 2.png

2. Treatment Overview

Outlines the treatment concept and

learning modules.

VIDEO 3.png

3. Massage Principles


Teaches the massage techniques used

in MeditationMassage to aid release of physical and emotional tension.

VIDEO 4.png

4.  Detailed Meditation Principles


Teaches how to guide embodied meditations to calm and focus a busy mind.

VIDEO 5.png

5. Aromatherapy

Explains the aromatic benefits of Deep Awake Oil.

VIDEO 6.png

6. Senses


A demonstration and explanation of how to combine sensory meditation with a massage sequence on the feet, legs, arms and hands. There is also a guided...

VIDEO 7.png

7. Breath


Teaches how to guide breath meditation whilst simultaneously massaging the back of the body. This section ends with a breath Self-MeditationMassage to nurture your wellbeing, and help you

VIDEO 8 .png

8. Chakras

Introduces the subtle energetic centres of the body and how to balance body, mind and spirit with charka massage. This section ends with a chakra Self-

VIDEO 9.png

9. Intention and Deep Peace


Practise a Self-MeditationMassage to help you cultivate self-love and acceptance. Learn how to guide a visualisation meditation to create positive

VIDEO 10.png

10. Admin and Set Up

Teaches how to create a comfortable and conducive environment for MeditationMassage, including how to start and finish the treatment, take a

VIDEO 11.jpg

11. Support

Find out about how you can qualify as a ‘Professional MeditationMassage Therapist’.

VIDEO 12.png

12. Full Meditation Massage

View the complete treatment for your learning reference.

VIDEO 13.png

13. Self Meditation Massage

Practise a combination of all the Self-MeditationMassage you’ve learned during this course.

video 14.jpg

14. Deep Awake Bath Meditation

Enjoy this Bath Meditation to assist your learning and deeply relax at the same time!

VIDEO 15.png

15. Therapist Preparation Ritual

Practising this compassion meditation is the perfect way to prepare yourself before giving a MeditationMassage.



Share this deeper treatment experience with friends family and clients and also receive the wellbeing benefits for yourself.



 Receive a small meditative gift;  A Deep Awake Bath Meditation

Thanks for subscribing!

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