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Meditation Massage is a wonderful new form of treatment designed by Deborah O'Shea which combines restorative massage to relax the body with guided meditation to soothe the soul.

Meditation Massage brings a deeper dimension to the treatment experience for both client and therapist.


The Meditation Massage journey guides the client into a spiritually enlivened state, so that they feel both ‘deep peace’ and ‘deep awake’.

During most forms of massage the client is completely passive, but with Meditation Massage they are invited to gently participate by letting go and coming fully into the present moment.


A massage sequence, designed to create physical and emotional harmony, is accompanied by a series of powerful meditation techniques that help the client to …

  • Focus mindfully on the senses, allowing busy thoughts to melt away​

  • Breathe consciously to release physical and emotional tension​

  • Use creative visualisation to nurture positive feelings and self-empowerment


  • Let go into a state of deep peace and inner stillness

"The meditation massage was one of the most beautiful and healing experiences of my life."

"You were so clear and articulate in your style of teaching, so supportive and encouraging, kind and deeply present."


Deborah offers professional training for spa destinations and individual masseurs, teaching …

  • How to enter a meditative state and become fully present in the moment with a relaxed focus

  • How to hold a space of nurturing connection

  • How to guide a series of meditation practises, while performing the accompanying massage sequence with skill and confidence

  • How to work with the body’s chakra centres

  • How to lead creative visualisation to nurture positive feelings and self-empowerment


The Meditation Massage training, which comes with a detailed manual, is clearly structured and includes an observed assessment with individual feedback and constructive observations.

This training is certificated with CPD accreditation.


Deborah O’Shea has created the botanical blend ‘Deep Awake’, using pure essential oils, to enhance the Meditation Massage experience.

The Deep Awake aromatic journey begins with the floral heart centre that holds beautiful radiant notes of rose, jasmine and neroli.

With the next in-breath the aroma travels to the deep, embodied, sensual musk notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vetivert.

Simultaneously the fragrance elevates to an ethereal vibrancy, inviting clarity and calm with meditative notes of frankincense, angelica seed and linden blossom.

Meditation Massage was inspired by the ‘Deep Awake’ practises created by Deborah’s husband Tim Freke



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