• Creator and teacher of Meditation Massage, a transformational treatment for body & soul

  • Designer of therapeutic rituals and sensory botanical formulas

  • Educator for spa, wellness and skincare brands


Deborah O’Shea has contributed to some of the world's finest wellbeing brands

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An exciting evolution in massage & wellness


I designed Meditation-Massage as a transformative treatment for body and soul.


Meditation-Massage combines restorative massage to relax the body with simultaneous guided meditation to soothe the mind.  


Uniquely, client and therapist enter a meditative flow together, to cultivate a sense of inner peace and wellbeing, to support physical and

emotional harmony.

 An antidote for stressful, modern lives


The Meditation-Massage treatment promotes a relaxed yet energised mind and body, as well as inviting a spiritually enlivened state of deep peace and unity


This synergistic blend of meditation and massage ensures that the many 

proven, immediate and long-lasting health and wellness benefits of both therapeutic modalities are received in one powerful treatment 

A physical and energetic massage sequence is accompanied by a series of powerful meditation techniques that invite the client to …

  • Focus mindfully on the senses, allowing busy thoughts to melt away​

  • Breathe consciously to release physical and emotional tension​

  • Use creative visualisation to nurture positive thoughts and feelings 


  • Let go into a state of peace and inner stillness

"You were so clear and articulate in your style of teaching, so supportive and encouraging, kind and deeply present."

"The meditation-massage was one of the most beautiful and healing experiences of my life."

Learn Meditation-Massage with Deborah

Learn how to give this restorative and uplifting experience and receive the many uplifting and self-developmental benefits for yourself.  


Introductory Online Training  

This training is suitable for qualified masseurs looking to expand and deepen their therapeutic skills and amateur masseurs who want to nurture friends and family. 


Having completed this introductory training, further Professional Training is available.  

The Introductory Training will introduce you to a deeper therapeutic dimension and develop your meditation and massage skills.  I will also guide  Self Massage-Meditation, which is wonderful embodiment

technique, inspired by Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic wellbeing practice, that will nourish your mind & body to support your overall wellbeing,

During this introductory learning, I am delighted to answer any questions you have via email and on completion of the course I offer a complimentary Zoom session where I can answer any further questions  The training is certificated and I am a CPD accredited provider.


You will learn:


  • How to give a restorative massage sequence designed to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and improve circulation to  revitalise  the mind and body

  • How to enter a meditative state to become fully present, holding a space of nurturing connection​

  • How to guide a series of meditation practises, such as sensory awareness, conscious breath and creative visualisation, while performing the accompanying massage sequence with skill and confidence

  • How to support the body’s physical and emotional energy 

  • How to use aromatherapy oils to enhance deeper relaxation

Link to purchase     

Ask me a question about this training (link to email)

Professional Online Training

The Professional training works to qualify as a Professional Meditation-Massage therapist. You will then be able to offer this innovative wellness treatment to your existing clients and attract new interest from those keen to nurture body and mind.  


This training will deepen your knowledge and skills covered in the introductory training (link) with an emphasis on how to expand your empathy and treatment focus without depleting your energy levels.  You will learn how to give a pre-treatment consultation and offer aftercare advice. Plus I will guide you in a Facial Self Massage-Meditation sequence to relax your facial muscles, nourish your skin and uplift facial contours, which client's also love to receive. 


I will personally guide you through the training step by step.  The training is a total of 23 hours.  Its format is a mixture of live zoom theory and practical meditive sessions, film demo's, Q & A and personalised feedback   

You will be required to submit a live recording of your practical treatment, at each of the three learning stages and 1 in real time, un-edited recording of your complete Meditation-Massage.  Plus 12 case studies.  All of which I will personally review and provide feed-back on.  I am also available  to answer questions that arise throughout your learning. 

Professional Training is certificated and on successful completion

the treatment is insurable. You will then be able to use the Meditation-Massage branding on your social media, website and advertising which I will provide you with.  Professional Meditation-Massage also has CPD provider accreditation. 


Meditation-Massage Professional Training course requirements; 

Qualified Masseur, ITEC level 3 or International Diploma or equivalent. 

Completed the Online Introductory M.M Training. (link)


Register your interest in Online Professional Meditation-Massage Training (form to fill in  email)

In-Person Professional Training 

Train with me in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK.  This small group training takes place over three full days and on successful completion of your assessments and case studies you can qualify as a Professional Meditation-Massage Therapist.  This training is a mixture of massage and meditative practice and theory. You will recieve individual support from myself and the support of your fellow therapists.  

The next in-person training dates are planned for 9-11 of October 

Register your interest here link to email

To awaken the senses and deepen the soul


I designed Deep Awake botanical oil to accompany Meditation-Massage and to use at home for self-care.


'Deep Awake' contains exceptional pure essential oils and skin nutrifying plant oils, formulated to nourish and revitalise body and soul, including;

  • Grounding, sensual aromatics of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver support physical relaxation and peaceful rest

  • Soothing, floral aromas of rose and jasmine inspire harmony and calm the nervous system

  • Finally, the light, bright scents of frankincense and linden blossom help elevate tired, weary spirits and low mood, assisting calm focus and clarity of mind.

Bath: pour 1-2 tsp into warm bath water and soak to revitalise

Body: stroke over the skin before massage or after a shower to nourish 

Meditation: place a few drops onto temples and mid brow ... and breathe

For detailed information and purchase (link to shop)

MeditationMassage is inspired by the ‘Deep Awake’ practises created by Deborah’s husband Tim Freke, with whom she presents transformative retreats internationally and online www.timfreke.com




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