• Creator and teacher of Meditation Massage, a transformational treatment for body & soul

  • Designer of therapeutic rituals and sensory botanical formulas

  • Educator for spa, wellness and skincare brands


Deborah  has contributed to some of the world's finest wellbeing brands

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A therapeutic antidote to our busy modern lives


Combines the benefits of two ancient wellbeing practices into one powerful treatment


Nurturing massage to relax the body with simultaneous guided meditation to calm the mind


Uniquely, client and therapist enter a meditative flow together cultivating deep contentment and wellbeing for both

Online Training is now available   (link)



Feel your body soften as your muscles relax 


Focus mindfully on your senses allowing anxious thoughts to melt away 

Breathe consciously to release physical and emotional tension 


Create positive thoughts and feelings of self-empowerment 


Let go into a state of peace and inner stillness


 Online Training. is available now

"You were so clear and articulate in your style of teaching, so supportive and encouraging, kind and deeply present."

"The meditation-massage was one of the most beautiful and healing experiences of my life."








This comprehensive & concise 3 hour training introduces you to an exciting evolution in wellness  


Suitable for all masseurs and those interested in meditative practices and wellbeing, who wish to deepen their therapeutic skills or nurture friends & family.


Personal support and a complimentary zoom session is available 

On completion qualified masseurs are invited to progress to the     Professional Qualification Training 


Online training is now available (link to shop) (find out more)




Pure essential oils & nutrient rich plant extracts awaken the senses & deepen the soul


Deep aromas of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver assist physical relaxation 


Floral notes of rose, jasmine and linden blossom harmonise emotions

Elevating scents of frankincense and angelica uplift weary spirits


Created to accompany meditation, massage & bathing

Available now to purchase

MeditationMassage is inspired by the ‘Deep Awake’ practises created by Deborah’s husband Tim Freke, with whom she presents transformative retreats internationally and online www.timfreke.com





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