• Designer of wellbeing treatments

  • Trainer of holistic, beauty and spa therapists

  • Developer of botanical wellness products

  • Trainer of product knowledge for retail 

  • Creator of 'MeditationMassage'

  • Creator of 'Deep Awake Botanicals'

Deborah O’Shea has contributed to some of the world's finest wellbeing brands


A deeper treatment experience

As a designer of holistic treatment rituals, I am passionate about creating physical and emotional harmony


MeditationMassage is a treatment that combines restorative massage to relax the body with simultaneous guided meditation to soothe the mind, promoting positive mental health 


Uniquely, client and therapist enter a meditative 'flow' state together to expand a sense of inner peace and wellbeing  


 An antidote for stressful modern lives


MeditationMassage is a modern fusion of two ancient wellness practices, which are proven to have many physical health and emotional wellbeing benefits


The treatment promotes a relaxed, yet energised mind and body, as well as inviting a spiritually 'enlivened' state of deep peace and unity.

A physical and energetic massage sequence is accompanied by a series of powerful meditation techniques that invite the client to …

  • Focus mindfully on the senses, allowing busy thoughts to melt away​

  • Breathe consciously to release physical and emotional tension​

  • Use creative visualisation to nurture positive thoughts and feelings 


  • Let go into a state of peace and inner stillness

"The meditation massage was one of the most beautiful and healing experiences of my life."

"You were so clear and articulate in your style of teaching, so supportive and encouraging, kind and deeply present."

Learn MeditationMassage 

I offer both an introductory online and professional in-person training for wellness destinations and individual masseurs.  

You will learn;

  • How to enter a meditative state and become fully present in the moment with a relaxed focus

  • How to hold a space of nurturing connection

  • How to guide a series of meditation practises, while performing the accompanying massage sequence with skill and confidence

  • How to work with the body’s energetic chakra system.

  • How to lead creative visualisation to nurture positive feelings and self-empowerment​

The training is certificated and has a CPD accreditation 

Awaken the senses, deepen the soul


I formulated Deep Awake botanical oil to accompany MeditationMassage, and to evoke the meditative experience of deep relaxation and calm focus at home.


Blended to nourish and revitalise body and soul, this essential oil formula contains;  

  • The grounding, sensual aromatics of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver imbue physical relaxation and peaceful rest.

  • The floral aromas of rose and jasmine inspire harmony and an appreciation of beauty to calm the nervous system.​

  • Finally, the light, bright scents of frankincense and linden blossom, help to elevate tired, weary spirits and low mood to aid mental clarity

Bath; pour 1-2 tsp into warm bath water and soak to revitalise

Body; stroke over the skin before massage or after a shower to nourish 

Meditation; place a few drops onto temples and mid brow ... and breathe

MeditationMassage is inspired by the ‘Deep Awake’ practises created by Deborah’s husband Tim Freke, with whom she presents transformative retreats internationally and online



Find out about MeditationMassage training. 


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