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You are invited to attend a very special 3 day Deep Awake event, guided by my brilliant husband Tim Freke and myself.  


Tim will share a new and uplifting understanding of why your life really matters and lead deep connection meditations that open up the experience of a Deep Awake state.


I will lead embodiment meditations to awaken your senses and soothe your nervous system, so you feel relaxed, yet energised physically, mentally and emotionally.

The heart of the event is a beautiful immersive evening of deep connection, during which you will experience an expansive state of love and compassion for yourself, your fellow participants, and all of humanity ... in fact the entire universe!

You will return home feeling conscious, connected and nourished with love and wisdom, ready to engage with your life adventure, having shared a wonderful time with amazing new friends.

Tim is the bestselling author of 35 books, the winner of ‘Author of the Year 2020’ in Kindred Spirit magazine, and one ‘The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People’ on the 2021 list in Watkins Magazine.​

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 Receive a small meditative gift;  A Deep Awake Bath Meditation

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