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This aromatic oil contains pure essential oils and plant extracts selected to nurture the body & soul, awaken the senses and nourish the skin.


Use to physically and emotionally revitalise when massaging, bathing and meditating.


See ingredients listing for oils and their benefits


Key Essential Oils: 


Sandalwood has a deep earthy aroma with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skincare benefits.  This ancient tree resin is grounding and is chosen for the Deep Awake Oil blend for its sense of reassuring comfort and stability.


Patchouli has a smoky, musky aroma.  This sultry eastern flower enhances sensuality and is selected for the Deep Awake Oil blend for its vitality.


Rose has a powdery, honeyed aroma. This beautiful, fragrant flower oil promotes healthy glowing skin and is chosen for the Deep Awake blend to enchant the senses, balance emotions and open the heart.


Ylang Ylang has a sweet, voluptuous aroma. These tree flower petals exude equanimity and exuberance in equal measure, and are included in the Deep Awake Oil blend to support a confident, calm presence.


Jasmine has a sweet exotic aroma. This graceful, delicate white flower helps to harmoise skin sensitivities and is selected for the Deep Awake Oil formula to create a sense of flow and ease.


Angelica has a green, musk aroma. This herbal flower seed is potent and is selected for Deep Awake Oil blend to support inner focus and clarity.


Frankincense has elevating sweet aroma.   This powerful anti-inflammatory and skin healing tree resin oil uplifts the spirit and is select for the Deep Awake Oil to evoke a sense of deep peace.

Deep Awake Botanical Oil

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  • Bath: pour 1-2 capfuls into warm water and soak to revitalise

    Body: stroke a little over freshly cleansed skin to nourish

    Massage: pour into palms and with intuitive touch ease tension

    Meditation: place a few drops onto the temples and mid brow ... and breathe

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