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A comprehensive & concise 3 hour video course, suitable all for those interested in wellness, meditation and massage. This powerful treatment helps to intergrate body and mind, harmonising physical and emotional wellbeing. You will receive support with answers to questions that may arise during your learning.

You will Learn how ...

  • To combine Meditation and Massage together in one simultaneous flow sequence and share the full treatment with friends and family


  • To enter a meditative state and guide a series of meditations, such as sensory awareness, conscious breathing and creative visualisation.


  • To give yourself a self-massage sequence to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and re-energise.


  • To give a massage sequence designed to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and re-energise.


  • To use Deep Awake botanical oil, which is formulated to relax, revitalise and uplift body and mind





Introductory Course

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